Monday, April 26, 2010


things i loved about my weekend:

a call from doobie, informing me he is moving here for the summer. joy!

driving straight to dupont circle without my GPS, finding a parking space right in front of sarah's apartment, sitting outside eating cookies and waffles at locolat, take two.

a mugging-free trip to northeast and diet coke (though not the music) at the rock n' roll hotel.

fancy new jewelry from LK's sister, sam. (check out her goods, yo.)

painting the community of hope health center as part of the greater dc cares serveathon. the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping people + a free t-shirt = win.

my new friend liz, who was totally game for vintage clothes shopping on u street even though we had only met an hour before and i had paint in my hair.

the georgia o'keeffe exhibit at the phillips collection. stunning. fascinating. i was in awe. if you live here, you must see it! (if you don't live here, can you get here before next weekend when it closes?)

sitting on the couch with miss angela, talking and talking and talking and laughing and talking and eating and talking some more.

popcorn with marshmellow creme.

talking to my parents for an hour.

talking to suvi for an hour.

cleaning out my closet.

curling up in my bed and waking up to the perfect rainy monday.

hope your weekend was just as grand.


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

You know what I did this weekend? I hug out with your brother "Wendall." He looked nothing like I remembered him ever looking- and he went by Wendall- so truthfully I'm not entirely sure it was your brother, but my Dad said it was so I'll just assume so. We had a delightful afternoon with the three of us (my Mom was out of town).

suvi said...

and i hearted talking with you too, dear frances! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks here in nyc...