Monday, April 19, 2010

shipping out to boston

our fervent hopes and prayers did nothing to improve the weather in boston this weekend (oh, fickle new england spring, how i do not miss you at all), but not even the craptastic rain and cold could dampen the joy of gathering with my beloved family in our beloved bean-town.

we did most of the usual things, like lunch in harvard square and a trip to cardullo's, where the mama bear used to order a ham and swiss on an onion roll for lunch back in her boston days. i also dragged mom and the big little brother back to the boston u. campus for a quick look around at my old house, my old classroom building, my old life. it seems impossible that i was once a student running around that campus. but there you have it.

the highlight, however, was the friday night sox game. it was touch-and-go all day with the rain, but they pulled the tarp off the field a half-hour or so before the game was scheduled to start, the crowd went wild, and it was on.

before the game, we were treated to a tour of fenway park, which was totally and completely awesome. we saw the world series trophies and all the golden glove awards won by sox players. we touched the fisk foul pole and saw the seat that marks the landing spot of the longest home run ever hit in fenway (537 feet, by ted williams). our tour guide was full of all kinds of interesting facts and statistics that dad and ben already knew and that i have already forgotten. the important thing is, we love the green monster.

the game itself was pretty amazing as well. it had everything: infuriating errors, one of those amazing catches where the player is horizontal in the air with his glove out, and a varitek home run. we ate hot dogs and peanuts and cotton candy. and drank hot chocolate because it was effing cold. we also learned a new cat call, courtesy of the guy sitting in front of us. you could tell he was a real fan because of his high level of scorn and derision for the home town heroes. the quote, after a particularly pathetic missed catch by short-stop scudero:

"show us the replay and we'll boo you again!"

and then, with the game tied in the bottom of the ninth....



(is this suspense killing you, or what?)

... they pulled out the tarp and called the game for rain!

with half an inning left.

it was completely ridiculous.

the crowd went bonkers. and we heard some more great cat calls that i will refrain from printing here since my grandma reads this blog.

but, such is life. especially in the fickle new england spring. which i do not miss at all.

as for missing boston, well, that's a different story.


Kate said...

Two professional sporting events, apparently back to back? Are you turning into some kind of sports nut, Frances?

And is it me, or is your dad starting to look a wee bit like Martin Mull?

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Yea, that game was a bummer. You know the Red Sox lost it the next day, in 12 innings? Then they lost the other game of that day. Two losses in one day. ;(