Friday, November 6, 2009

cup half empty

dear employees at victoria's secret,

might i suggest avoiding the following tactic when attempting to convince me to buy something in your store.

clueless employee: have you heard about our new miracle/magical/mystical push-up bra?

me (secretly and ashamedly intrigued): no.

clueless employee: what cup size are you?

me (sort of embarassed to say it out loud, but interested to see where this is going: an A.

clueless (and now enthused) employee: then you are going to want one of these for SURE!

me (totally unenthused and maybe about to cry): i am not looking for a bra today.

the shame of it is, i actually could have used a new bra. your loss.

A (cup) for effort


Kate said...

My last (and I do mean "last") Victoria's Secret experience:

Me: Do you carry full-figure bras?
Salesperson: Definitely. What cup size are you?
Me: (respond with size, which I will NOT post here).
Salesperson: Oh, no, not THAT large!

Boo hoo for us, Frances, cursed in our own separate ways!

Susan said...

great title

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Yea... I kind of wish I hadn't read this one.