Thursday, November 5, 2009

frances cake 2.0: the you break it, you eat it edition

you know those couples who lie about where they met, because maybe they met online or speed dating, or maybe at a church dance or a family reunion, and they are kind of embarassed about it, so instead they tell you they met "through mutual friends" or "just, you know, around"?

well, that is sort of how i feel about the friends i made at duck beach. because even though i shouldn't be, i am still a little shy/embarassed about that whole thing. so, when i tell you that i met adangerm "on vacation," i think you'll know what i mean.

adangerm is the perfect companion for concerts and craft fairs, and spontaneous burger-and-movie dates. adangerm also recently broke her ankle (such a sad story!), which made her the perfect (captive) audience for the return of frances cake (see: goal #24).

we went with one of my favorite stand-bys, a super-easy and super-duper delicious chocolate bundt cake from caroline's bake shop. adangerm crutched her way into the kitchen and very helpfully pointed me to ingredients and various baking acccoutrements. the conversation revolved around boys (natch), the us weekly magazine cover story about jason mesnick, the biggest butthead in bachelor history, finally proposing to his second-turned-first choice molly, how mad we were that "glee" had been preempted by the stupid world series two weeks in a row, and how having a cast for 10 weeks is not that awesome, especially when some of those weeks will be spent in spain.


someone get this girl some cake!

done and done.


Kate said...

Congrats! You have now successful moved Frances cake across the country!

Sarita said...

You didnt know her in SLC? For shame. Adangerm is one of my fav's.

Sad ankle. :(

Unknown said...

very sad ankle, very happy frances cake!

Mojo said...

Just to add to funny ways people meet...

I have a coworker who met her husband online. When people hear that, they instantly ask which site they met on. After a few minutes of avoiding any divergence of the site, the reluctantly answer, ""

Most of the people that ask have no idea what that is, so they couple has to describe what you do on the site:

"You go online, and you look at pictures of people. Then you rank them on their 'hotness' from 1 to 10."

Sometimes they just say, "We met at school."

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I have a great friend that I met at the Cannon Center at BYU, just because we sat together. We have grown to be best friends, and in fact I'm spending Thanksgiving with her this year. We tell everyone where we met, shamelessly.