Tuesday, November 3, 2009

bliss bike bliss

the bottom line about me and halloween is that i hate it. for one thing, i eat candy every day of the year, so why do i need to put on some lame and/or scandalous costume to do that very thing on this particular day?

but the trouble with me and halloween is that that excuse usually doesn't get me very far, so i usually find myself stuck at some party, wearing the same fairy wings (usually over normal clothes) that i have worn on halloween for the past four years.

this year, though, i had the perfect excuse to be a halloween hater. and that excuse was dutch bike dutch.

dutch bike dutch is a fund-raising bike ride organized by some of my awesome new friends here, and held every year over the weekend closest to halloween. which happened to be on halloween this year. some people, who are less lame than me, bring their halloween spirit along.

the ride took us through 30 miles of gorgeous amish country with farms, cows, charming little graveyards (very halloween-ey, no?) and covered bridges.

oh, and hills.

we also said hello to your thanksgiving dinner.

it felt so good (like, really, really good) to be back on my bike after too long of an absence, and i loved pedaling all day with these crazy kids.

plus, there was tons of leftover halloween candy waiting when i got home. just the way i like it.


Ems said...

smyths! I've been wondering if you've run into aaron, but to hang out with pete too...what a treat (has he moved there or was he visiting?). say hello to aaron for me next time you see him!

Aaron said...

I'm so honored to have a pic (with my brother) in your blog! And I love hearing in person your explanation of why you don't like Halloween, and then reading it a few days later. Reinforcement of key points. Note on Ems' comment: we Smyths love Emily and her entire clan, and Pete is in law school in Philly, PA.