Tuesday, November 24, 2009

in our lovely deseret

in order to avoid turning this blog into one of those travelogue testimonies, i won't recount a play-by-play of every detail of my trip to salt lake.

i will tell you that taylor lautner/jacob black's abs are worth every minute you have to spend in a theater full of screaming 13-year-old girls.

i will also tell you that it made my heart happy to be back in a familiar place with all these familiar faces.

{just for the record, this snow did not make my heart happy in the least. but, on the upside, my campaign to convince sallee and nathan to name their baby-on-the-way frances is off to a good start.}

and, of course, i am always happy to see true love.

but most of all, i would like to tell you that, though i loved being back in salt lake, i also felt that i don't belong there anymore. the place and the people will always be in my heart, but my home is somewhere else.

and it feels pretty good.


Susan said...

aw, i miss slc and i miss frances.

is that a shabby apple dress in the last photo? i want a full length photo!

Your Mom said...

What if I didn't make cute babies? What if you didn't come to visit and confirm the aforementioned fact?

Joelle said...

"i loved being back in salt lake, i also felt that i don't belong there anymore"
Makes my heart happy and sad :)

Jake L. said...

It looks like Amy's head is floating.