Wednesday, September 2, 2009

stress test

the mosquito problem here in the easterly united states is, shall we say, rampant and i absolutely hate it with all my might. probably because i am one of those people who always gets bit (bitten?). like, always. like, i get bug bites on my five minute walk home from work.

and they turn red and they swell up and they itch like the dickens and they take ages to fade. at which point they have already been replaced by dozens more.

and if you think i am being a complainer, you are right.

and then of course everyone always says, "it's because you're so sweet," in a sing-song voice.

if i am in a good mood when people say that, i will smile. if i am in a bad mood when people say that, which i probably am because i am covered with mosquito bites, i will gag. once that person has walked away, natch.

my first step in combatting this problem has been to add "bug spray" to the list of things i carry with me all times.

my second step might be to get more stressed out because, according to this wall street journal article (that's right, i am going high class this time), mosquitoes are repelled by the smell created in the oxidation of something-or-other, which occurs as a result of stress.

i would really rather those researchers come up with some compound that i can bathe myself in than be all riled up all the time, but i am the kind of girl who does what needs to be done, so i think i might give it a try.

watching half an hour or so of fox news should be a pretty good place to start, right?


Joel said...

that should do the trick. if you can get through a half hour.

Darin and Melinda said...

OR...if that doesn't work try to read a whole chapter in Glenn Beck's new book "COMMON SENSE" it will absolutely push you over the edge. Guaranteed.

Miko said...

Take garlic pills. My dad does and never gets mosquito bites. Plus it's good for your heart.

Joelle said...

The "Off!" brand of mosquito repellents has a non-spray repellent. We've tried it and it works. Give that a shot and save yourself the agony of watching Fox News or reading Glenn Beck

Susan said...

I've liked Jason brand "Quit Bugging Me" (It doesn't smell as horrible as the chemical brands with Deet and it actually works)

erica spelman said...

I second Miko's recommendation. I have tried it for myself and it worked. eating more onions works too, but is a little more pungent than garlic pills.(;

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