Monday, September 21, 2009

everybody (everybody)

almost as soon as i announced i was moving to (the greater) washington d.c. (area), evan announced that i had to go to a show at the 9:30 club. so, since i am the kind of person who likes to do what i am told, i did.

on friday, to be exact.

with these folks, to be exact.

to see ingrid michaelson, to be exact.

who i love, to be exact.

the 9:30 club is right there in the revitalized u street corridor, and is very hip and happening. it has just the right mix of space and intimacy, though i think i would enjoy ms. ingrid even if she was playing inside a dumpster. i mean, of course i would choose the 9:30 club over a dumpster but i'm just saying. she does not disappoint.

i have yet to download the new album because i am sort of lame like that, but i highly recommend it. here are a couple of my favorites to convince you.

i also highly recommend that everyone experience a show at the 9:30 club, so you just come on over whenever you'd like. okey-dokey?


suvi said...

I LOVE ingrid michaelson!!! But I missed her show here! Terrible!! I've never been to the9:30 club but it has been a dream of mine from listening to shows on NPR. I'm glad you got to go!

Unknown said...

So...I finally catch up with you after digging through old emails to find your blog only to find that you are a deserter as well. Although I knew you were always bound for greater adventures than can be found in the SL area, I didn't think it would be so soon that you'd be leaving us. Obviously I have some catching up to do in reading your blog to find out what the heck happened to tear you away. To top it all off, Josh, our youngest, just got a job offer in the DC area and he will be leaving and taking our brand new grandson and his wife to start his new life in the city on the 5th of October. You're all a bunch of deserters! ...and I will miss you.

Unknown said...

Oh...and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (the reason I searched frantically for your blog address)

audrey said...

I saw Ingrid perform in Salt Lake last year. She was incredible (not to mention hilarious). I'm glad you're a fellow fan.