Monday, September 28, 2009

eight days a week

i pretty much celebrated my birthday all week last week, which is pretty much how i think a birthday should be celebrated. to be perfectly honest, i wasn't sure how far my nascent social capital would get me, but i think i did all right.

first up was a lovely dinner at dana's (she roasted a chicken!).

the event included my first ever molten lava cake...

... and a visit from dave, who happened to be in town for work. a birthday miracle, if you ask me.

the actual natal day brought me whiteboard messages, a completely scrumptious lemon cupcake from katie and plenty of cubicle revelry.

thursday, emily hosted a little cupcake party (never mind she had just gotten back from france the day before) and i have to say that every single person there was someone i was just thrilled to see. which is the way every cupcake party should be.

i also accepted the challenge to eat as much of amanda's delicious mini-coconut cake as i could in one bite. i think i pretty much killed it.

and the festivities wrapped up with lunch on saturday with aunt joyce, my birthday twin.

and with that, my birthday week came to a most satisfactory end. not to worry, though, if you haven't gotten around yet to bestowing me with lavish gifts and/or praise. i'll be accepting anything of that nature until around this time next year, at which point you'll owe me double.


Kate said...

That video just made my day.

AMIT said...

Eight days a week?How can it be?

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