Wednesday, September 30, 2009

pour some sugar on me

here are some things that are very distinctly "washington d.c."

the white house
cherry blossoms
the smithsonian museums
massive tour groups
harried hill staffers
espionage and intrigue (if you believe the jason bourne movies. which i do)
clothes from ann taylor and brooks brothers
think tanks
retired military officers

and, that classic 80s cover band, the legwarmers.

the legwarmers are a phenomenon perhaps unlike anything i have ever seen.

their shows sell out within minutes. their fans are deeply devoted. and those fans show their devotion in several ways.

like by dressing like this:

{yes, those are pleated denim shorts i am wearing. pleated.denim.shorts.}

and also by staying up into the wee hours of the morning, singing, dancing, jumping (in the case of the guy standing next to me i am pretty sure going to the bathroom to partake in some kind of illegal substance) and definitely sacrificing the potential for long-term healthy hearing.

it was all i could do to drag myself home, and that was after patti and i fortified ourselves with lemon-berry-meringue shortcake after the show.

and once i dragged myself home i still had to take a shower to get rid of all that hairspray and blue eye shadow.

my ears were ringing until sunday.

and i would do it all again this friday.


Mom said...

Take some of those foam earplugs with you next time. You'll still be able to hear, believe me. That's what I used when I sent to see Tony Hawk's Boom-Boom Huck-Jam.

AMIT said...

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