Tuesday, September 1, 2009

running man

i am compiling a list of 28 goals for my 28th birthday (i will reveal the full list on the anniversary of my birth, which i will now unsubtley remind you is september 23rd) and i was thinking that maybe i would add "learn to love running" to the list because it seems to me that running is something that people actually do fall in love with and every time i read or hear about someone accomplishing an impressive running feat i think to myself that it must feel pretty darn good to have done that and i might like to feel good like that, too.

but then last night dana and i had to run from jess' house to the bus stop to catch the bus before it left and it was only five or six blocks or something like that but by the time i got there i was totally winded and thinking how much i hate running.

so now i am thinking that might not be such a good goal after all.

maybe i should replace it with "always be on time so i don't have to run for the bus."


Susan said...

if you do want to try to love running, i Highly suggest the new book "Born to Run."

happy birthday month!!

Julia said...

Yeah I've been training for a 5K for a few weeks now. And by training I mean I ran for 15 minutes the first night and haven't laced those shoes since.

Yeah....I hate running too.

Ashlee Kate Christofferson said...

I have always hated running and am currently working on loving it right now. I have found a good pair of running shoes and fun music on the ipod really help!!