Thursday, September 17, 2009

a fine, webbed friend

on my 14th birthday (which was almost exactly 14 years ago, as my 28th birthday is a week from yesterday. but i am sure you already knew that. you wouldn't forget my birthday now, would you?) a friend who i think was named amanda gave me a stuffed duckbill platypus.

i named him webber.

and unlike the friend who may or may not be named amanda, webber and i have stayed pretty close.

webber made the trip from michigan to denver after high school, and then from denver to boston when i started college.

webber came with me to summer camps, and back and forth from school to home to wherever else i was going in the summers.

webber even did a semester abroad with me in london.

he didn't make it to japan, but he did meet me at the airport after 18 months of separation.

he came with me to salt lake, and then we made the epic trip east. now webber is living the high life (literally, you know, since i live on the tippy-tippy-top) in washington, d.c.

in short, i love webber and i hate to be without him.

but all that loving and togetherness has sort of worn him out, and i have often dreaded the day when webber might have to be retired from nightly snuggling (for his own good and survival, you see), especially because stuffed duckbill platypuses (platypi?) are difficult to come by.

is this tale of love and sacrifice making you a little teary? never fear! there is good news! for my dad, a chief webber proponent, has found him a partner-in-crime. a mini-webber. a baby brother. or perhaps a protege. i don't quite know what their relationship will be.

(i do know not to say anything about the fact that, next to a brand-new version of himself, webber 1.0 looks a little worse for wear. he's sensitive about it.)

and, i do know that i am excessively glad to have them both.

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