Thursday, August 6, 2009


{unrelated to anything else in this post, but when i was in japan we were always on the look-out for funny japanese/english t-shirts and my companion, sister lau, totally found one with this exact picture on it. hi-larious.}

despite my best intentions, i have always been pretty much a consumer. the idea of minimizing my possessions and simplifying my life always sounds really good, but the idea of getting rid of my favorite stuff or, heaven forbid ceasing to add to my stuff, never sounds good so, long story short, i pretty much never do.

this situation has reached somewhat epic proportions of late as i have become something of a prolific online shopper. ('cus no rent and a salary that is (finally) higher than my age.) just this morning i opened the door to leave for work and found two boxes waiting for me on the doorstep, filled with stuff i don't need but definitely want.

to assuage my consumerist guilt, i usually employ one (or many) of the following justifications.

1. the economy is still hurting! retail sales are down! i am helping!

2. for basically the first time in my adult life i don't have to pinch pennies, so why should i?

3. there is no such thing as too many summer dresses. (or too many work-appropriate outfits. or too many inexpensive accessories.)

4. a new city calls for a new wardrobe, wouldn't you say?

5. i am still saving lots of money. ('cus no rent and a salary that is (finally) higher than my age.)

and now, the ultimate vindication has come in the form of this article from the washington post. even gritty downtown hipsters can't stay away from target! (wait until you get to the part about the kitty city. i nearly choked laughing.)


6. if even gritty downtown hipsters can't stay away, why should i?

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