Wednesday, August 5, 2009

green screen

a few reasons why screen on the green has it going on.

a warm summer evening kicking it on the mall? check.

a free movie with awesome friends like katie? check.

marlon brando's handsome mug on a massive screen?

yes, please.


Ryan said...

it's a small world- I noticed on my sister in law's blog this girl Miranda was always leaving fun comments, so I clicked on her blog to see who it was- and low and behold, she was linked to your blog! Turns out you know her. She was my sister in laws really good friend growing up. Isn't that strange? :) Hope you are loving your new life in DC.

Ryan said...

and I'm not even sure how this is commenting as Ryan. Does Ryan even have a google account? I guess so!! It's really Jen. :)

Katherine said...

thanks for the shout out! it was so fun! rebel without a cause next week :-)

Joelle said...

Way cute hair!