Tuesday, August 25, 2009


it's restaurant week in this, the district of columbia, which means fancy food for cheap and there is nothing to argue about there. i tagged along with katie and her crew for dinner at hook, a high-end georgetown seafood joint.

the big news was the rachel had not eaten seafood in 11 years. she decided to go big to break the trend and ordered oysters for her starter.

she didn't puke, so i think it went pretty well.

really the only other pertinent detail is that we had three courses of some of the best food i had ever eaten. my dinner went like this: gazpacho with jumbo lump crab, artic char with basmati rice, peas and carrot curry, and lemon cake with lavendar buttercream frosting and honey ice cream.

i ate every single bite and then promptly died and went to heaven.

other people's dinners went like this:

katie and i are already plotting a return trip for lunch.

you might say we're, well, hooked.

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