Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mormon america

media coverage of mormons and mormonism can be kind of a mixed bag. we win some points on steve young, for example, but lose some on polygamists and gay rights. and i would say the osmonds are basically a wash.

generally speaking, i am usually a little bit infuriated when i read something about mormons in the news because i typically find it unfairly critical or downright non-factual. so i think you can imagine my pleasant surprise when i came across this this slate article about how mormons will save america.

the series as a whole is an examination of the things that could undo these united states as we know them. (as it happens, facism and global warming are both bad news.) it's captivating and terrifying all at the same time. but i am happy to report, what with our belief in america as a promised land, our family values, our love of capitalism and our food storage, we mormons stand ready to preserve the country and culture you love so well. rest easy, friends.

you can thank us later.


Angie said...
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Angie said...

I read that article too - and I was poised to cringe. But how great that I didn't have to. I loved where it said something like, "Mormons are just like us, only they're always on their best behavior."

What a great compliment.