Sunday, August 9, 2009

cheese with that whine?

i feel as though i might owe you all a cyber-apology.

i am sorry if i've been a blog-whiner lately.

do you accept my apology?

the truth of the matter is that rebuilding your life can be a sad and frustrating experience.

but the other truth of the matter is that rebuilding your life can be an exciting and instructive adventure.

and i certainly didn't mean to discount all the good things and good people i've come across so far in this new chapter.

so, without further ado (adieu, to you and you and you), bye-bye whining. and hello awesome weekend recap!

friday night lauren and i paid our respects to the dearly departed john hughes with a picnic and an outdoor screening of "pretty in pink."

we were slightly amused by the three girls sitting in front of us, who clearly had not even been born before the end of the 1980s. lauren admitted she has a t-shirt that says, "you can't be old school if you're still in high school." i sort of wish she had been wearing it.

saturday we hit up the neighborhood farmer's market, where i was baptized (quite literally) by the purveyor of "holy grail" sorbet. he squirted me with a spray bottle right after i took my first bite. i sound more holy, don't you think? we also bought bread from one of the most beautiful men i have ever seen up close (i can only hope he is as romantically tortured as nicolas cage's bread maker in "moonstruck"), and rounded out the morning with flowers and blackberries as big as my nose.

then it was time for part one of the massive fridge cleaning project, the details of which, with which, i will not bore you. with. (how would that go?)

the weekend's capstone event was a little jaunt to waldorf, maryland, a charming hamlet that is home to two very important things:

1. little caesar's pizza.

2. the south maryland blue crabs single a baseball team.

little caesar's pizza is a rare commodity here in the east, but emily spotted a little caesar's semi-truck not long ago and the magical secret of the waldorf little caesar's was revealed. it was a little slice of heaven.

and, as approximately 97 percent of the town came in while we enjoyed our ultimate supreme, we are obviously not the only ones who think so.

then it was off to the most charming baseball diamond you have ever seen, where every seat is a good seat and every person in those seats knows everyone else. where the scoreboard is still manual, and little boys in the row in front of you debate whether watching baseball or going fishing is a better way to spend a summer night.

sadly, the home team lost to the camden riversharks, but it was nothing a post-game fireworks show couldn't fix.

nothing to whine about there.


Anonymous said...

Frances, as an infrequent commenter, I just wanted to pop in and say that your blog is thoroughly entertaining. I love reading about your lovely new life in the east.

Your gift of expression is enviable. You have mastered the art of wit, my friend, for which I, a devoted reader, am grateful.

steve said...

as a fellow Michigander... I would like to ask for a point of clarification... the quaint little hamlet of Waldorf may be the home of A Little Caesars... but not the actual home of THE Little Casears, which we ALL know is Garden City, Michigan.

I might also challenge your assertion that they are "a rare commodity in the east". Though LC seems to have a definitive lack of availability in the DC area, their fine dining establishments can be found in abundance throughout the rest of "the east"

But I digress.... GREAT POST Frances. I too read your blog all the time. and love it. and you.

(I should probably get back to work now)