Tuesday, August 18, 2009


let me just cut to the chase and say that i love the beach.

or, perhaps to be more specific, i love all the parts that make up the whole of the beach: the ocean, the sun, sitting still, judging people wearing bathing suits they shouldn't be, swimming, my toes in the sand, reading lots of books.

and, the most critical part of the whole: the mulhauser beach house! it might be the awesomest beach house in the world, as it is situated on the charmingly named little assawoman bay. (no joke there.)

the final (delicious) piece of the (delicious) weekend was: crabs! like the kind you dig out of the shell and stuff yourself with and lick your fingers when you're done.

{dana and elbert, who is sadly allergic to crab}

{lee. and a claw.}

{alex very seriously approaching the task at hand.}

{paul and heather}


{the whole gang. crustaceans included}

all by the glow of the sun setting over the water.

{dana, the hostess with the most-est}

dear summer, please never leave.

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