Sunday, May 17, 2009


this might not come as a big surprise, but connecting a wireless router to a computer with internet provided by the united states senate is a little bit tricky. especially for someone who can barely tell the difference between a wireless router and an answering machine. (that someone would be me. also, do people even still use answering machines?)

all of this to say, i still have loads more to tell you (with pictures!) about turkey (remember that?) and my recent drive across the country (remember that?) but i am afraid it's going to have to wait until i get connected to the web of the world wide on my own computer.

in the meantime, though, i can tell you that i got a little teary when i was driving to church today and the washington monument rose out of the skyline right in front of me. to be perfectly honest, i am not really one for outright patriotism, but that was pretty awesome.

i can also tell you that uncle bob makes delicious pork chops for saturday dinner.

i can tell you that carrying all my earthly possessions up four flights of stairs is totally exhausting and i would have given up were it not for sallee and her brute strength.

i can tell you that i have already made some new friends and one of them, magellan, mounts right on my windshield and tells me how to get around this crazy place. (we're not on the grid anymore, toto.) i think he and i are going to be pretty close.


Susan said...

oh the grid! i also got panicked when i left the grid (kind of like the matrix?) last summer and moved to the land of winding streets. fortunately there is another matrix here that i can access through a mind meld with my new garmin.

Julia said...

Haha...the first thing I did when I decided to move to DC was buy a GPS. It's a lifesaver, especially when navigating those pesky diagonal streets named after states. Whose bright idea was that?

What ward are you in?

suvi said...

I WILL COME SEE YOU. soon. or you can come see me. Now that we are pretty much neighbors and all.

p.s. routers are evil.

PNRBAC said...

Hooray for you!!! Good Luck getting settled, and being patriotic.