Friday, May 8, 2009

topkapi is tops

a while back i was trying to think of ways that we could make a bunch of money without having to have jobs, and i concluded that we should become jewel thiefs. one good heist and we would be set for life. especially, i now know, if the heist involved topkapi palace.

we are talking emeralds the size of my face, people. gold-leaf, pearl encrusted thrones. (michael jackson tried to buy one. tried and failed.) the sixth largest diamond in the world. topkapi palace is a jewel thief's dream.

topkapi palace is also a dream if you're into fake religious artifacts, such as the bone from john the baptist's forearm and a piece of mohammed's beard, both of which claim to be there and both of which, i am certain, are not.

and, finally, if you're just into wandering through gorgeous grounds (tulips everywhere!) and scoping out old gazebos with delicate tile work, topkapi palace might be the place for you, too.

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