Thursday, May 21, 2009

quack, quack

first off, i am most pleased to report that i have won the wireless war (thanks, obama!) and my blogging will return, effective immediately, to its usual, fabulous status. (that is, of course, if i am not preparing documents for the deputy secretary of defense until 10p.m. every night. and you better believe i am going to brag about that every chance i get.)

and, i have more good news. (it just keeps coming!) in addition to a recounting of the rest of the terrific turkey trip and a full debrief on the cross-country drive (the billboards in kansas alone are worth multiple posts), you can also look forward to a very detailed retelling of my upcoming trip to duck beach.

duck beach? you ask. what's that?

well. in addition to being a well-known geographic location in one of the carolinas (i can't remember off the top of my head which one, but i am not leaving until tomorrow so i have time to figure it out), duck beach is also the premier east coast singles extravaganza.

twice a year, over memorial day and labor day, hundreds (this is not an exagerration) of mormon singles descend on duck beach for a weekend of mixing, mingling and general debauchery. you know, mormon-style.

the goings-on at duck beach are legendary. everyone who is anyone is there. you go to duck beach to see and be seen. duck beach is to east coast mormon singles what the white party in the hamptons is to the characters on "gossip girl." it is serious social business.

and ever since i heard about it... i thought it was the dumbest. thing. ever. i believe my exact words have often been, "i wouldn't be caught dead at duck beach."

as i don't plan on dying this weekend, at duck beach or otherwise, i guess i'll have to eat those words. but the thing is, friend-beggars cannot be choosers and i was invited by some truly lovely people. so i have decided to embrace duck beach.
(and thanks for not rubbing it in.)

(also, quack, quack.)


Kate said...

Will you be looking for a redheaded Mormon doctor, or have your standards changed since we last talked about this? Have fun!

jtibs said...

I'm looking forward to a blog about the Kansas billboards if you actually do one. They have long been the subject of ridicule in my family with their excessive use of K's in place of C's to go along with the state's name.