Thursday, May 28, 2009


remember that one time when i went to turkey?

(i know, my blog backlog is totally pathetic.)

well, i am also counting that as a trip to greece. or at least as a trip to ancient greece, because we spent a few days climbing all over some pretty bodacious ancient greek ruins. (ancient + ruins = department of redudancy department?)

sometimes ruins are totally yawn, but these ones had been preserved and reconsructed so well that you could really spend hours just wandering around, imagining the days when these ruins were bustling metropoli, filled with people wearing togas (one of my favorite exercises).

the largest ruins by far were at ephesus (of bible fame), basically a whole city that has been reconstructed. but i am reserving those photos for a post of their very own. luckily for this post, we also hit up priene and didyma. (and luckily for us, you can hit them up without knowing how to pronounce them.)


{we encountered some rain at didyma, which would have been a disaster if they weren't selling animal umbrellas at the tourist shop across the street. to honor the temple we were visiting, we named him apollo.}

{priene is a city of ruins, up at the silent top of a mountain, so it has a serene, almost eerie sense. it also has the ruins of the temple of athena, so "battlestar galactica" references abounded. dana was very patient.}

{and yes, i am wearing polka dot socks with my sandals. desperate times, people.}

in short, i give (ancient) greece two enthusiastic thumbs up. and don't worry if you haven't had your fill yet. there is more to come.


Susan said...

whenever i walk around eerie ruins the poem "ozymandius" starts running through my head. "round that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away."


Joelle said...

Socks with sandals - you have Utah in your blood :)

More stories and photos please. I love keeping up with you via blogging.