Wednesday, May 6, 2009

buy my love

have i mentioned that i am moving?

in less than a week?

and that this involves packing up my entire life? like, all of it?

oh, you've heard this before?

very well.

have you also heard that i am selling a bunch of furniture?

do you want some?

i can only imagine there is one of you out there who needs a coffee table and matching end tables...

{these are totally my favorite, btw, and you will love them, too}

... or some bookshelves...

... or maybe some drawers and a matching bench...?

i also have a desk and a rug and some dining rooms chairs.


let me know.

{shamless post? also, yes.}


Joelle said...

If I come on thursday can I have first pick? I think I might want to take home a table and bookshelf...

Abby said...

How much for the coffee table and the matching ends? I will ask James if he is interested... We were just saying we need such items for our downstairs.

GOOD LUCK!!!! We will miss you. :)

Maya said...

I know what you mean about packing up everything. You gather all these things over a period of months or years and you are suppose to organize and move everything within days?! Not logical, and yet we do it. I just moved last week and it was...torturous to say the least. Where are you going? How much are you selling the bookshelf for? Can I see a picture of the rug?

frances said...

hey laureen! i just facebooked you about this, but do you want to just come over and look at the rug? i'll be home all evening tomorrow. if that doesn't work, i am happy to send a picture instead.

kate said...

hi frances, it's kate. i wannew buy some stuff. email me about prices? thanks!