Tuesday, May 26, 2009

in the outer (banks)

fact: geographically speaking, i did not go to duck beach. rather, the locals call where i was the outer banks. or OBX, if you are really in-the-know. as for the mormon social phenomenon, however, the term duck beach still applies. it's duck for short (and awesome).

fact: if you are going to forget one item on a trip to duck, it should not be your razor.

fact: sunscreen should be reapplied every 80 minutes. to everywhere.

fact: the ocean is freezing. and terribly wonderful.

fact: the world is small. duck sightings included: lauren and rob, who i know from boston and who now live here; darrin, who i know from the MTC and who now lives in boston; adam who i met in salt lake and who now lives in nyc; carl who i know from denver and who also lives in nyc; and megan all the way from the good old ensign 7 in slc. i could go on, but i won't.

fact: it is statistically impossible that so many men have naturally hairless chests.

fact: catching sand crabs in the middle of the night is all fun and games until someone dumps them out of the bucket and makes you stand still while they run all over your feet.

fact: the fine for lighting bonfires on the beach is $300.

fact: duck is a great place for old friends...

and new...

fact: i would say i'm glad i went once and i don't need to go again, but there's no sense in setting myself up to keep eating my words now, is there?

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