Friday, August 31, 2012

up. and up.

it's been a good week! which is a relief, because those have been a little sparse around here lately.

it's been the perfect end-of-summer weather: not too hot, not too humid, not too cold. all you need is a light jacket. {get it?} the perfect weather, in fact, to wear my new polka dot bermuda shorts and stroll through downtown with dana on our way to dinner {here} and a movie {this}. all things i highly recommend.

we've also been grilling, making more of gram's ginger snaps, planning planning planning for china, cuddling babies {welcome to the world, ethan!} and watching our relatives rock it on national television.

and, as if there was any more room for awesomeness, today we are headed to the beach with a good long weekend with good good friends.

we're on the up and up, my babies. and it feels so good.

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HeatherLynn said...

Have so much fun at the beach, Frances! I loved heading that way over Labor Day often when I lived back that way. Sand in your toes!