Wednesday, August 22, 2012

paperback writer

today at book club (for which i did not read the book. i'm nothing if not consistent) i learned that the hardy boys and nancy drew books were written not by one author, but by an assembly line of many authors who were fulfilling the vision of one young adult novel mastermind.

and they had to follow all kinds of rules, such as 50 required jokes per every 25 chapters and only one "said" per every 10 statements, with the rest using gems like "exclaimed," "gasped" and, a personal favorite, "chortled."

not having read the book club books (one hardy boys, one nancy drew) i can't state this from experience, but i understand that this does something to explain the quality ("quality") of the books. i am also told that the moral of said books is to be slender, with nice legs and things will work out just fine.

precisely what our young people need to hear, no?

and, while we are on the topic of factory writing, i just read this headline:

prince harry's nude photos endear him, royal expert says

factory or not, coming up with headlines like that seems like the perfect writing job to me.

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