Tuesday, August 21, 2012

root (root root) for the home team

it's been a big baseball season for our household.

first, i finally saw nationals wunderkind pitcher stephen strasburg in action. and, as baseball luck would have it, the game was against the atlanta braves and my first baseball love, chipper jones. chipper jones who is retiring this season. so it didn't actually bother me that the nats blew a 9-0 lead to lose 10-11 in extra innings. because a win for chipper is a win for all of us.

then AWD's beloved mariners had a red letter night, with a perfect game pitched by felix hernandez, aka: the king. that's 27 outs. up and down. even i could tell it was a beautiful thing.

and this weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to see the southern maryland blue crabs. skill-wise it might not be the best baseball you've ever seen, but ambiance-wise it cannot be beat. and the blue crabs were in rare form, soundly defeating the sugarland skeeters 5-2.

not to mention that the post-game fireworks show is the best you'll see.

america's pastime indeed.

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