Thursday, July 5, 2012

we like america

our independence day plans were pretty much torpedoed by our ongoing lack of power (we're up to 120 hours power-free and still going strong) but we managed to cobble together a pretty good holiday anyway.

we watched the parade downtown for a few minutes.

we saw a new joan miro exhibit at the national gallery.

we walked through the smithsonian folk life festival and saw the AIDS quilt.

we drank a lot of water.

we went to a barbecue across the street. because those people have power.

we packed up more clothes and headed back to our temporary (air conditioned home base).

and, exhausted, we spent the rest of the night watching "friday night lights" and listening to fireworks.

i made a display of patriotism in a blue shirt and red and white striped skirt.

all in all, a good fourth.

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