Monday, July 2, 2012

powering down

the weekend started out all normal and fun and then a hu-uge storm blew through friday night and knocked out our power and it's been out ever since.

so, it wasn't a very normal weekend at all, though we did still manage to have some fun. like eating out every meal, driving around in the car so we could charge our phones and be in air conditioning, and throwing away everything in our fridge and freezer.

to help myself have a better attitude about the whole thing, i made a list of all the things we could still do with no power, but the first thing i thought of to write down was "complain," so i don't think it really worked.

one silver lining was celebrating sweet and much favored dana's birthday (in the air conditioned comfort of her new and fabulous apartment) and our friends sarah and kc threw open their doors and we've been crashing at their place to escape the stifling heat of our place.

they said 90 percent of customers should have power by thursday. then they said friday. and then they said by the end of the weekend. so, we'll see about that. we're at 62 hours with no power so far but, who's counting?

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