Friday, July 6, 2012

power surge

we have power! blessed, blessed power! we are so happy and we slept so soundly last night in our very own bed in our very own air conditioned house. it was bliss.

now that the whole ordeal is behind (most of) us, my friend confessed that she wasn't sure which was worse about the great blackout of 2012: that so many people didn't have power or that so many people had to listed to people complain about not having power. i definitely did my share of complaining, and i am sure it was pretty annoying, but not as annoying as not having power for almost a week. a week! so there.

i will say, though, that being out of your house and out of your routine does sort of open up time to do the things that you've been wanting to do but never did because your routine was always in the way. it felt like we had a lot more free time, and a lot more free time together over the past week, which was admittedly sort of nice. especially because we had a powered place to spend it.

so, we ended up getting a lot done.

we nearly finished season three of "friday night lights."

we got some serious planning done for our first anniversary trip to china.

and i finished our first family cross-stitch!

isn't it cute? i got the idea from nicole over at elsa bags, and she got it from martha stewart, who has all kinds of templates you can use to graph out your own family. i figure every time we add a new member to the household i'll stitch a new version, and we'll have a pretty good collection going,

for now, though, it's just me and AWD in our wedding clothes. just the way i like it.


SRA said...

Nice! Have a good weekend 'back to normal'.

Kate said...

Yay for power restoration! So glad I'm not dealing with that, because this heat wave is almost killing with *with* air conditioning.