Thursday, July 19, 2012

superhuman. superstar. superhero.

i don't talk much about my job on this blog because that seems like both a boring and a bad idea. and, frankly, if i think too hard about all the servicemen and women coming back from combat with really serious, life-altering injuries, i get really depressed and then i get really mad and then i want to cry.

but, i am also 100 percent inspired by what these wounded warriors accomplish. we are talking about a double leg amputee who ran a 1500 meter race on prosthetic legs he had only had for six weeks. we are talking about service members with severe PTSD who get up every day and face their fears so they can go to work and take care of their families. we're talking about a blind swimmer who will compete in the paralympics exactly one year to the day that an IED explosion took his sight.

it blows my mind, and i feel really honored and humbled to meet these people and see what they can do with my own two (crying) eyes. i still wish it hadn't happened to them, but not a single wounded warrior i've met would give it back if they could, and it's certainly not slowing them down.

so, it's probably no surprise that this promo video for the paralympics made me cry. (embedding was disabled, so click on the link.)

i mean, come on. sure, not all these people were injured in military service, but this is the kind of resilience i am talking about.

it blows my mind. and, when i let it, it changes me, too.

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