Wednesday, July 11, 2012

today was a good day.

the temperature is back to normal and there was a delightful breeze.

it was free slurpee day. and you better believe we tapped that.

it was also farmer's market day by my office. i got some mangoes and an avocado for tonight's dinner, and these peaches which i fully intend on turning into a cobbler.

i crossed every single thing off my to-do list at work. every. single. one.

i got an e-mail with adorable pictures of a sweet baby girl born on monday. we'll get to cuddle her tomorrow.

and for the third night in a row, i had nothing to do after work but spend the whole night hanging out with my husband. which, as it happens, is the thing i prefer over most others.

sometimes when things are smooth and happy and drama-free and i feel like i am winning at life, i start to worry that a) i am not trying hard enough or b) something really bad is about to happen to me. that kind of thinking can really take the joy out of joyful moments, so i am trying to avoid it.

and so, for better or worse, i'll just say this: today was a good day.


SRA said...

Good to hear.

Abby said...

Frances! I'm glad you are trying not to worry about it. COunt it as a blessing and live it up! I wish my life was in a groove like that...