Tuesday, August 2, 2011

shipping out to boston

we spent the weekend in boston (like jet-setters do), visiting my big little brother and showing AWD around town on his inaugural visit.

basically, if there is a thing to do in boston, we did it.

we walked around my old campus, saw fenway park, had breakfast on newbury street, went to the aquarium, walked around faneuil hall and quincy market, took a duck tour (not to mention that i drove the duck), strolled through the public garden and rode a swan boat, ate dinner at the union oyster house and had canolis from mike's pastry in the north end for dessert.

that was just saturday.

deep breath.

on sunday we went to harvard square, harvard yard, my old chapel and longfellow's house.

and then, as if that wasn't enough (because it was), AWD was in the hot seat at family gathering facing questions like "so, why do you want to marry frances?" which, i might add, he answered very well.

we were on a plane back home about 36 hours after we landed, but we loved every minute of it. and, most importantly, AWD and the big little brother loved each other.

boston wins again.


CL said...

Looks like fun- you were busy! Can I just say, your brother is so tall.

Chris said...

A trip to Boston is ALWAYS a winner

Tina said...

It was so great to see you and AWD. Sorry to put him on the hot seat -- I just had to make sure that he was worthy of marrying you. Sure you don't want to move back up to Boston some day soon? We'd love to have you up here again.