Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rain and other showers.

i had a bridal shower last weekend and it was lovely.

the original idea was to have a picnic shower at hains point with croquet and bocce ball and general outdoor merry-making. but then it started pouring rain (are we seeing a theme in weekends around here lately?) so we moved the picnic inside. and that was delightful, too.

EH, being the party planner extraordinaire that she is, knocked it out of the park with the most adorable details and little surprises. included my new a&f shirt. clever, huh? and ck sent cookies as big as your face from new york and miss angela brought a big bunch of cheery yellow balloons and it was just the best night.

of course, mostly it was the best night because i got to spend it eating and laughing with so many of my favorite ladies (including laura on the computer! miss you!). every single person there was a person i just really adore. i felt so lucky.

one of the questions someone asked me during the present opening/question-and-answer period was what i am most looking forward to about being married. and this was my answer.

i have felt so overly blessed my entire life to be surrounded by such kind and talented and unique and loving and giving and forgiving friends who have loved me for me and who always had my back and my best interests in mind no matter what. when it comes to friends i have always been rich beyond measure, and even when i have felt a little lonely i have never truly felt alone. i consider this a great miracle.

and from those friends i have really learned how to be a friend and how to be a giver and what i am looking for as i gather the people i want to be around me. i really think a lifetime of good friends prepared me to choose a partner for my lifetime.

so what i am most looking forward to about being married is getting a friend like that and a husband all rolled into one.

there is, of course, other stuff i am looking forward to, too. but my parents read this blog. and so do AWD's. so i'll leave it at that.

(wink, wink.)

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Aaron said...

So many great friends! Looks like a very fun evening.