Tuesday, August 23, 2011

five point eight

all morning i was wondering what i could blog about today because there just wasn't anything exciting going down.

and then we had an earthquake!

my office is on the 11th floor so we felt plenty of shaking and swaying, though for some reason i was convinced it was because a semi truck had driven into the side of the building. which might explain why, when everyone else rushed to take shelter under doorways and desks, i rushed to the window.

i am sorry to say that i have no explanation for why my first theory was that a semi had driven into the side of our building, except that i didn't know they had earthquakes in virginia. though why i thought a semi driving into the side of the building with a secure perimeter was any more likely than an earthquake in virginia (i mean, they seem equally improbable) remains a mystery, but i propose that we just move on from this particular line of discussion.

(sidenote: this is, in fact, not the first time i have had a mix-up like this. when i was on my mission in japan there was a pretty big earthquake in the middle of the night one night. my companion woke up all scared and i told her that i was 100 percent positive it was just a semi driving by and there was no need to worry. i fell back to sleep instantly, she was up all night worrying and when we walked out onto the street the next morning and saw broken windows and damaged buildings everywhere, i realized my semi truck theory had been mistaken. and i felt sort of bad. but only sort of.)

since i didn't even register what had happened until after it was over, i pretty much skipped the panic part. which was good i guess, given my propensity to overreact to things.

so, we evacuated (luckily i had it together enough to grab my diet coke), sat outside reading people's hilarious twitter updates about the quake and its aftermath, went back inside when we got the all-clear and then went home.

the traffic was awful.

some of my co-workers had lots of broken dishes and cracked walls, but we escaped with a few crooked pictures (still hanging) and nothing else.

a little anti-climactic in the end, but i guess that is the best kind of earthquake.

and now i am off to bed, hopefully for a semi and quake free sleep.


Evan and Holly said...

I'd like to know the obsession with semis :) I read this whole post out loud to Evan, we laughed so hard, sometimes so I couldn't keep reading. Then he told me when he heard the Oklahoma City Bombing, he thought it was an oil drum rolling down the parking lot. :) So funny. Glad you are all okay.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

You are sooo funny and what a funny story.