Friday, August 12, 2011

it's friday, friday. gotta get down on friday.

does anyone else feel like the days and weeks are just zooming by? i can hardly believe it is friday. again. already. bah!

the biggest news of this blink-and-you-missed-it week is that AWD and i got our temple recommends. we can get married for real! a temple recommend is a little piece of paper you have to show to get into a mormon temple. you have some interviews and some people sign it and then you are good to go. to get married in a mormon temple, you need to get a special, one-time temple recommend. and, as of last night, AWD and i have said special, one-time temple recommends in our hot little hands.

naturally, we went to buzz for cupcakes to celebrate.

then we remembered we hadn't eaten dinner, so we had some sandwiches, too.

we've gotten a couple pieces of really great marriage advice throughout our temple recommend interview process, but i am going to save that for a separate post. so, stay tuned.

i also accomplished one other critical wedding task this week, namely finding a cupcake vendor for our salt lake reception. that was the last big piece that i needed to fall into place and now that it has, i am feeling pretty good.

looks like we are having a wedding!

wedding planning has been pretty fun lately, actually, and i have found some things i really really love that i want to share/brag about, but i am going to save those for a separate post. so stay tuned.

and that's probably enough dwelling on the past, right? let's look ahead to the future!

we are going to see "wicked" tonight! i've never seen it, and neither has AWD, and we are really excited. hurrah!

we are also going to see everyone's favorite minor league baseball team, the maryland blue crabs, play tomorrow night. these annual blue crabs outings are basically one of my favorite things ever.

and, because i have been bit by the nesting bug, and bad, i am going to do some work in the yard saturday morning. i was walking around the neighborhood earlier this week, thinking how homey and cute all the houses looked, and decided that i wanted my house to look like that, too. so, i am going to start by pruning back two seriously overgrown trees and go from there.

there are also a few wedding projects on the horizon but, you guessed it! i am saving those for a separate post. so, stay tuned.

happy weekend, my babies.

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