Monday, August 29, 2011

come on, irene

before we get started today, i need to make a correction to my previous post.

AWD's beautifully wrapped birthday present came from my mom and my dad. and, while we are giving credit where it is due, the present was actually wrapped by amazon.

i'm glad we have that sorted out.

and now, a recap of our hurricane weekend!

actually, it wasn't too exciting, which as i have stated before is pretty much the perfect way for a natural disaster to be. though an earthquake and a hurricane in one week is pretty epic stuff, if you ask me.

the biggest excitement of our weekend was actually friday night, before the storm even started, when AWD and i went to a production of "uncle vanya" starring the ethereal and lovely cate blanchett. she was stunning and captivating and the rest of the cast was superb as well. we loved the whole thing. and, in retrospect, i think a depressing russian play is just the way to start a weekend of impending doom.

we took most of the precautions that were recommended: got bottled water and some extra food (aka: brownie mix), found a flashlight, moved all the porch furniture to the basement, checked all the spouts and gutters. i even tried filling the bathtub with water that we could use to flush the toilet in case our water supply was cut off for some reason, but it turns out you can't plug the drain in our bathtub. so, there's that.

the rain started saturday morning and basically fell and fell and fell all day long. we spent most of the day cleaning out AWD's apartment and packing up his stuff, and then finished the evening with movies and pizza and popcorn at my place.

and the rain kept coming and the wind kept blowing, but that was about it. the power went out while we were asleep and was back on before we woke up, no branches fell on our cars or our house and the really loud noise i heard in the middle of the night was probably a transformer blowing and not a gunshot like i thought.

an earthquake, a hurricane and a homicide all in one week probably would have been too much to handle.

by yesterday the rain was over and the sun even came out, but it was cool and lovely and the neighborhood streets were full of people coming out of hiding. it was really nice, actually.

and so, we weathered irene.

and, in case you were wondering, so did our resort in the turks and caicos. though the whole event did scare us into buying trip insurance. maybe i should add my LED flashlight to the honeymoon packing list?

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