Monday, December 14, 2009

on the second day of christmas...

are you guys ready for more christmas revelry?!? because that is what's going down around here.

behold, the white house christmas tree!

aunt joyce preferred the year when the theme of the white house christmas decorations was "white house pets," but i thought this year's display was just lovely. plus, i hadn't been on a white house tour in a while, so it was nice to brush up on some of my trivia. (fact: the item that has been in the white house the longest is a portrait of george washington that has been hanging there since the white house was very first built. the heroic dolley madison saved it from the fire. which is maybe why they named a street after her. maybe.)

i am also pleased to report, for those of you concerned with matters of national security, that entry to the white house is being extra-super-carefully monitored these days, in the wake of the state dinner crashers. as proof, i offer the following exchange.

man at the gate: name please.
aunt joyce, flashing fancy senate spouse i.d.: joyce bennett.
MATTG, searching list.
AJ: oh, i am a senate spouse. i'm not on the list.
MATTG: from now on, everyone has to be on a list.

but christmas fun doesn't have to stop at the white house! no sir!

behold, christmas in colonial williamsburg!

emily and miss angela and i headed down this weekend to take in all the pageantry. i had never been to colonial williamsburg, and i imagine it is painfully charming all the time but it is even moreso with wreaths and red capes everywhere. i was also especially fond of all the british flags flying. makes sense because, as miss angela pointed out, "we are still under the crown here." a quick visit with berto and mary rounded out a most lovely weekend.

but christmas fun doesn't have to stop with living history! no sir!

behold! this evening, cristy and i hit up a delightful exhibit of christmas cards drawn by well-known american artists at the national museum of american art and then headed to a holiday craft fair, where we enjoyed chicken empanadas (so. delicious.) and crisp winter air. we both agreed that we could not be any more happy than that moment.

and, behold. of such moments is the christmas season made.

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