Monday, December 21, 2009


on saturday morning it started to snow.

having been hardened by many a harsh utah winter, and having the benefit of public transportation, which meant i could go out in the snow without driving in it, i headed downtown to finish my christmas shopping. (because the last saturday before christmas is totally the perfect time to go to target.)

and then, because the weather didn't seem that bad, i went to see dana's new place in dupont circle.

by the time i headed home, around 4 in the afternoon, all bus service had been suspended, the metro wasn't running above ground, the underground trains were running excruciatingly slowly and the outside world looked like this.

it finally stopped dumping sometime in the wee hours of sunday morning. by then church had been cancelled and uncle bob and aunt joyce and i had watched one christmas movie, three episodes of "mash" and eaten a whole batch of chocolate chip coconut cookies.

the next morning, it took the three of us about an hour to dig out half of the driveway and a narrow, narrow path up the stairs to the front door. i didn't get dressed all day long, and by sunday afternoon work on monday had been cancelled. (unless you are the person in this house who has to keep debating healthcare reform.)

they say it's the worst storm in these parts since 2003. and while you are right if you remember that i hate snow more than just about anything there is, if it means no church and no work and a perfectly good excuse to do nothing at all, then i say, "let it snow!"

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David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Sounds like a great time to be in Puerto Rico...