Tuesday, December 1, 2009


the bennett thanksgiving of 2009 began like this.

as soon as i walked in the door from work on wednesday afternoon (hurrah for early release!) aunt joyce started shouting, "help! help!"

i didn't smell fire, so i wasn't super worried.

but i still (sort of) rushed into the kitchen to find the counter, the floor, the carpet and aunt joyce all soaking wet with brine mix, which was continuing to spill out of the bag aunt joyce was precariously grasping to keep it all from crashing to the floor.

first, i laughed.

then we got the bag (and the turkey that was inside it) safely up on the counter, and used approximately three full rolls of paper towels to deal with the rest of the mess. (sorry, environment!)

and so thanksgiving began.

the infamous brine incident was really the only mishap though.

we started off turkey day itself right by delivering some meals for the knights of columbus...

... and the rest of thanksgiving was just a string of lazy days with kids and cousins and dogs running around. mixed with scintillating conversations about reality shows (the product of pride! says uncle bob), blogging (the product of pride! says uncle bob), healthcare reform (which no one dared ascribe to pride! in the presence of uncle bob) and various other worthy topics. and, of course, we put up the christmas decorations.

i also got a special thanksgiving treat in the form of shopping and dessert (because what do you need after thanksgiving more than cheesecake?) with anna, who was in town enjoying the holiday with her family in leesburg.

and so, my cup is full.

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David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I spent Thanksgiving with Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob last year (well, almost) and it was a trip. Then I helped them put up decorations. I know where you're coming from, Frances. Do I ever.