Monday, December 7, 2009

belles of the (white house) ball

i just sent uncle bob and aunt joyce out the door to the white house christmas ball.

there has been all sorts of discussion over the past week or so about what aunt joyce should wear. after 18 white house balls, a girl runs kind of short on options. as you can imagine, i am sure. she finally settled on a "long, black thing," which was actually a very lovely party dress. she wore it to a christmas ball with the clintons, and to one with the bushes as well, but we don't think anyone will notice.

while she was busy primping, uncle bob was searching the house for his senate i.d. they are very picky about proper i.d. at white house functions these days, you see. (don't worry. he found it.)

other preparatory chatter was as follows.

me: "what time is your cab coming?"
aunt joyce: "7:45. and he better drive fast. they close the doors at 8:15."
uncle bob: "i would really prefer to just drive myself, but they won't let you take cars anymore. the bushes always let us take cars."

aunt joyce: "we can't eat until after we get our picture taken, because i'm not taking any extra lipstick. should i take extra lipstick?"

uncle bob: "you smell nice."
aunt joyce: "it's hair spray."
aunt joyce: "do you think i should put on perfume?"
uncle bob: "i think hair spray is just fine."

as the cab pulled up.
aunt joyce: "well, here we go to freeze our butts off."
uncle bob: "we don't have to stay for long. i hear the decorations are kind of grungy anyway."

and, scene.


Susan said...

i love your stories.

i just love them.

CL said...

love it- makes me laugh.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Frances, I want to make this a guest post on my blog. Are you cool with that?

Amy Poulson said...

Oh, this is some good stuff Frances!!! I love the Washington-insider stories! And I love my Frances!!!