Tuesday, April 21, 2009

mexican train

{this is not actually my homemade flan. though i am positive mine was just as delicious.}

the event: my last sunday friendinner (*sniff, sniff*)

the menu: a mexican potluck, with chicken and bean tostadas (they had a more fancy name, but it escapes me), a delicious salad with pears and grapefruit, strawberries as big as my head and dipped in whipped cream, my homemade flan (first try!) and homemade fried ice cream to boot.

the players: ricky, the gourmand and mastermind; stephanie, who had to leave just as the fun began; elliott, the salad-master; briana of the berries; amy of love and friendship; laura and jake of the mistakenly forgotten tortilla chips; jaron of much chicken-shredding and dish-washing; georgia, who slept through it all; ryan, the hometeacher and repairer of doused pilot lights.

the conversation: various but including why it is so difficult to remove eye liner; the recounting of awkward sunday school moments; what it takes to be an alpha male (peeing off elliott's front porch plays a prominent role); siblings; recipes; something medical and gross i couldn't listen to; how everyone will miss me terribly when i go.

well that makes two of us.

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Evan and Holly said...

I'm so sad that we couldn't come. But I know what removes eye make-up in a snap. It's Mary Kay's eye make-up remover, their number one seller. Seriously, if you have time before you go, you should try it....It's beautiful.