Thursday, April 2, 2009

idolize 2.0

let it be known that david archuleta fan(atic)s are among the most fervent you will ever meet.

they scream louder than you have ever heard in your life. (their dads all wear ear plugs.)

they chant, clap their hands and sing along.

they cry tears of unadulterated joy (as evidenced by the girl sitting behind us), while repeating with almost manic ardor, "ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh."

some of these fans are moms.

they move en masse, trailing gleeful squeals and giggles.

they snap up merchandise at alarming rates. (i was tempted to procure a t-shirt of my very own. but not tempted enough.)

some of these fans are you friend neil, try as he might to deny it. (if you think you spot a friend at a david archuleta concert, just send him a text. when you see him open his phone a few seconds later you'll know it's him, even though he'll try to tell you that it's not. then he'll try to blame it on his little sister.)

now, not to go all mrs. robinson here, but i think i get it. david archuleta is straight-up darling. he's just so happy to be here, back home and he can't believe the crowd. i mean, wow, you guys! he wants to take your picture. he bounces around the stage in his white sneakers and hoodie and sings so earnestly about all his nights alone without your love. and even though you know he can't possibly have any idea what that's really like, he's just so darn cute, it doesn't matter.

and, though he's not a lyrical or musical genius (let's remember, "this crush ain't goin' away"), his tunes are clean and catchy. and i am not ashamed to say that i danced.

in short, if i were a 12-year-old, i would totally tap that.


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have I told you the story of how Tasha's last name is Archuleta and she lives in Murray so all through that season everyone asked if she was related to him? it was awesome and I believe she started saying she was (she isn't).

also, I would have gone to that on free tickets FOR SURE.