Monday, April 20, 2009

the district sleeps with me tonight, part 2

i did manage to do a few things in d.c. besides have a bunch of interviews and decide to totally uproot my life.


a little stroll past the white house (thanks, obama!)...

and a visit to the capitol.

though you might not know it by looking at this picture taken by a well-meaning but ultimately less-than-helpful stranger.

also, we had a delicious dinner of lebanese food, and a delicious brunch at asylum, a truly strange family-friendly/biker bar establishment with a vegan menu and red velvet and plastic bone decor. (the mango pancakes were divine.)

sarah and i did a quick tour of all the big monuments...

{i thought i was going to leave the vietnam memorial without crying for the first time in my life, but then i saw a young man, wearing fatigues, kneeling down and matching the name on a pair of dog tags to a name on the wall. and then it was over.}

(did i mention we saw honest abe himself? shortly before he was inexplicably escorted off the premises by the police.)

and we also celebrated easter with chocolate-eating and egg-dyeing.

in other words, just the way it is meant to be celebrated.

to fill in the holes, there was a lot of hysterical laughing, singing while stuck in traffic, metro riding, internet spying, catching up, breathing deep, hugging, exploring and deciding.

not a bad introduction to my new home.


Jonathan said...

How wonderful! I am so excited for you. Emily lives out there now and is really liking it. Isaac, Mary, and I will be making a trip in June. Best of luck getting ready to go.

Jonathan said...

that was me, Abby.

frances said...

abby! i didn't know emily was there! how can i get in touch with her? and can i see you when you come to town?