Wednesday, April 8, 2009


for the sole purpose of tooting my own horn, i share with you that i have, up until now, been instrumental in the eternal unions of three-- count them, three!-- couples. (dear karma: it's cool. take your time.)

that makes me three for three. which i would say is a pretty good average, especially considering we are talking about that fickle and enigmatic mistress, love.

since i've had so much success nudging adults in the right direction, i decided to line up baby kyle and baby natalie and see if my skill transfers to smaller people. if this baby engagement-style photo is any indication, i would say the answer is yes.

i am also just going to put it out there that baby natalie totally came onto kyle, lunging towards him and trying to eat his shirt (what a flirt!), while baby kyle seemed a little more unsure about the whole process. and then he started to cry.

so, it looks like baby-land parallels adult-land in all kinds of ways.


Kate said...

Too cute! It's never too early for you to find someone for Harrison. . .

Joelle said...

Baby love. Natalie is just as fiesty as her mama, you don't get boys by hiding in the corner :)