Thursday, April 23, 2009

cracking up

the fact that my editor offered me some of her prescription anxiety medication yesterday should give you some indication of how my life is going these days.

the list of culprits is long and includes (but is not limited to): a broken water heater (and cold showers/washing my hair in the sink for the past four days); a cancelled domestic flight in turkey; a long and ultimately unfruitful call to a call center allegedly located in the u.s. trying to fix it; 4,000 words worth of stories filed in the last two days.

and let's not forget that little cross-country move coming up.

needless to say, there has been a lot of stress lately, and i have been handling it very badly.

but luckily, in addition to all those bad things, these good things happened, too.

bri boiled some water for me this morning so i could pour it into the tub and have a (mostly) warm bathing experience.

stephanie offered to drive out to fashion place mall (past 3300 south. like i have time for that) and pick up some plug adaptors for me.

dana found me another domestic flight to replace my cancelled one.

ricky took me out for thai food last night, and brought over a little travel kit this evening.

i have two pounds of red vines for the plane.

i have decided not to worry about anything else, except for having a wonderful vacation.

and now i think i am going to watch mama mia! to get me in the right frame of mind. a movie set in greece is close enough, right?


The Wi Family said...

So I saw on facebook that you still had cold water and I figured you were already out of the country! So sorry you have to deal with that!!!

Joelle said...

Have fun on your trip. When do you leave?

Keep me posted on the going away party