Friday, March 20, 2009

the visitor

{camera cord found!}

when mama bear comes to town there is no time to blog.

no time to blog because you are too busy.

busy with brunch and potlucks and dollar movies ("twilight" is just as good the third time as it was the first and second, btw), and also with shopping and decoding complicated family history (too many aunt nellies!), and also with cooking and sleepovers and watching "the office" in bed.

and also with family concerts.

and also with unexpectedly lengthy sewing projects (that luckily yield unexpectedly darling results).

and also with early birthday celebrations.

and also with lots and lots and tons and lots of laughing.


i need a nap.


Bria said...

as a woman married to a cowboy, i must know: where did you find the apron fabric (particularly for the pocket)? too adorable!

Angella said...

Hey it's Amy! She's one of my favorite people!!! Happy (late) birthday, Amy!

steve said...

There are simply not enough words to describe how much I like your family.

frances said...

bria... the pocket is actually made out of a vintage napkin my mom found at a second-hand store, but the rest of the fabric came from joann's, so it shouldn't be tricky to find that.

steve... i assume that also means there are simply not words enough to describe how much you like me, too? i thought so.

Susan said...

wow- that apron is 10 times cuter than i could have ever imagined.
well done!


steve said...
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steve said...

Yes, your WHOLE family. No exclusions expressed or intended.

Ms. White said...

you look so cute in this photo! darling!

frances said...

good answer, steve.