Sunday, March 29, 2009

and all eternity

{editor's note: a temple recommend is a card, signed by you and your ecclesiastical leaders, that shows you are worthy to enter a mormon temple and participate in all the things that go on there. to get a temple recommend, you go through an interview process. the recommend is good for two years, and then it needs to be renewed. and hopefully, for reasons you will soon see, you don't wait to renew your recommend until the day before a wedding.}

i woke up with a start in the middle of the night on thursday because i all of a sudden remembered that my temple recommend was expired.

i tossed and turned all night and as soon as i felt like it wasn't too early in the morning, i started making frantic phone calls and sending frantic e-mails trying to track down anyone in the bishopric and stake presidency who could help me.

and now i have another reason to believe that prayers are answered because by friday afternoon, i had a new temple recommend in hand.

normally it wouldn't have been such an urgent emergency (redundancy?), but in this particular case if the stars hadn't aligned so perfectly, i would have missed all of this...

... which i wouldn't have missed for anything. (except for an expired temple recommend.) and luckily, i didn't have to.


Lacey said...

Can we all say tender mercy? What a beautiful bride and groom! Love the dress.

Anonymous said...

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