Monday, March 2, 2009

red letter

it was a pretty big day for me and the interweb, as i received my first hater comment on the blog, from none other than "anonymous." hello, big time!

the dad-man came to the defense of my honor, but also offered a characteristically well-thought and well-worded defense of periods of denial and reflection across all religious traditions. i must agree that periods of physical denial, such as the monthly fast in which i, as a mormon, participate, when undertaken in the proper spirit and frame of mind, with reverence and a goal of drawing closer to God, are effective and valid and sacred. and i certainly don't mean to demean that. but, it also remains the case that i do better when i am trying to add real virtues instead of just take away vices.

with that said, continuing discussion of the non-insulting (and non-anonymous) variety is certainly welcome, but i am going to move on to a less controversial topic: babies!
that's right. i met joelle and baby natalie for a little dinner tonight, and may i just say that baby natalie is sitting up and smiling and generally turning into the gosh-darndest cutest baby in the world, as you can plainly see here.

i think even "anonymous" will have to agree with me on this one.

{also, two unrelated questions. one: do they make non-reflective spectacles? because i could be totally into that. two: did anyone else watch "the bachelor" finale tonight? seriously, what the heck was that?}


becky said...

the bachelor finale made me want to boycott ABC. if it weren't for Lost...

cute baby!

Joelle said...

Cute Baby indeed! WTF about bachelor - I didn't even watch the previous episodes, but I caught the last 30 minutes last night and can't believe what happened. Did anyone else feel like everyone was reading from a script?

Sallee said...

Is it bad that I keep updating this page hoping that anonymous will have posted?

Anonymous said...

Hey Fracnes! You know, it's awesome when you get some hate posts on your thread because that means that it is getting popular. When I design T-shirts for the shirt.woot derby, if I don't have any haters on my comment thread my design plummets to the bottom. It's only after people start hating on it that it starts winning. So congrats! You've made it big time! :)