Friday, March 27, 2009


let it be known that i have never watched a full episode of "american idol." i prefer my reality TV to be of the humiliating and devastating dating variety, thankyouverymuch.

but, let is also be known that tonight i am off to a david archuleta concert, because i don't think it is ever a good idea to pass up free tickets to anything, especially not to concerts put on by an aw-shucks, squeaky-clean "idol" sensastion who finished last season as runner-up but still, apparently, can draw a crowd. especially here in his home state of zion.

just between us, i am a little terrified, given my nearly paralyzing fear of tweens, who will surely be out in force. i feel like every time i see a tween or teen they think to themself, "i am way cooler than that girl." and they are probably right. though sarah points out that they will probably be so busy texting eachother and taking pictures on their phones, they won't even notice i am there.

plus, i am a total sucker for lyrics like, "i know this crush ain't goin' away" and general teen angst. click here if you dare see what you're missing.

be still my beating heart. (and yours, too. no?)


Mom said...

Hmm...the Killers, David Archuleta; the Killers, David Archuleta.

Lacey said...

While I generally choose to avoid teen sensations, I admit to being a devoted David Archuleta fan and find myself quite envious of your concert going. Hope it was great.

k8 said...

tween is pretty much my favorite word ever. and i am totally scared of them.